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Discount Codes


PMD Beauty has a large selection of at home beauty devices. My favorite is their Microdermabrasion device. Use my code for a discount!

Discount code: PHIL

Red light therapy has so many incredible health benefits! Use my code to get a discount.

No code needed

Click on the link to get a discount on a at home genetic test! This is what I recommend if you are wanting to find out if you have the MTHFR Gene Mutation.

Discount code: PHIL15

Use my code to get a discount on your first purchase!


Just Ingredients makes quality products! Make sure to check out their protein powder! Use my code for a discount on their site!

Discount code: PHIL15

Use my code to get 15% off all BabeOriginal products. My wife loves BabeLash!


Ancient Bliss has a wide variety of supplements! Use my code to get a discount on their website!

Discount code: PHIL10

Bioptimizers makes some amazing supplements my favorite is their Magnesium Breakthrough which has all 7 forms of magnesium.

Discount code: PHIL10

Betterdays has some amazing products! I love their Bettergreens and BetterHormones! Use my code to get 10% off!

Discount code: PHIL20

Use this code for 20% off on Triquetra's website! My favorites are- GLP-Activate, Berberine, and their Omega 3 Supplement!

Discount code: MROPHIL20

I love Mary Ruth's products. Use the code- MROPHIL20 for 20% off their products on Amazon or their website!

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