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DIY Immunity-Boosting Tea

Starbucks’ Medicine Ball has become a popular choice for those seeking comfort during times of illness. However, did you know that the inspiration for this soothing concoction comes from Korea? In this post, we’ll explore the Korean version called Yuja Cha and how you can create your own immunity-boosting tea at home, potentially offering a more beneficial alternative.

Yuja Cha: The Korean Inspiration:

Yuja Cha is a traditional Korean tea made from a small citrus fruit rich in lemonoids, and bioflavonoids, and boasting 3.2 times more vitamin C than other citrus fruits. This forms the base of our DIY immunity-boosting tea.

Elderberry and Zinc: Separate, Not Inside the Tea:

For precise dosages, it’s recommended to take elderberry and zinc separately rather than adding them directly to the tea. This ensures you have better control over the amount you consume, optimizing their immune-boosting effects.

The Power of Honey and Ginger:

Add honey and a touch of ginger to the Yuja Cha base,. Honey provides natural sweetness and soothing properties, while ginger adds a spicy kick and additional health benefits, contributing to a well-rounded immune-boosting concoction.

Citrus Overload for Flavonoids:

Amplify the citrus content in your tea to benefit from increased flavonoids. Citrus fruits not only enhance the flavor but also provide 3.2 times more vitamin C compared to other options.

Medium Chain Fatty Acids with Coconut Oil:

Include half a teaspoon of coconut oil for its medium chain fatty acids. These coat the throat, preventing dryness and irritation. A well-moisturized throat promotes better mucus lining function, aiding in respiratory health.

Why DIY over Starbucks’ Medicine Ball?

Creating your own immunity-boosting tea allows you to customize ingredient quantities, ensuring you get the precise benefits you need. Plus, it’s a fun and cost-effective way to proactively support your health.

If you’re feeling under the weather and tempted to head to Starbucks for their Medicine Ball, consider making your own Korean-inspired immunity-boosting tea at home. By incorporating Yuja Cha, elderberry, zinc, honey, ginger, citrus, and coconut oil, you can tailor the ingredients to your liking while potentially reaping even more significant health benefits. Embrace this DIY approach for a comforting and effective remedy during times of seasonal challenges.

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