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Super Simple Head Cold Remedy

The congestion, the coughing, the sniffling, I know it all too well, head colds suck! If you’re feeling miserable and need a super simple trick to get over your head cold, then stick around and try out my remedy to get you breathing easy. 


  • 1 ml of Ponaris
  • Nasacort nasal spray

Everything you need can be found here.


  1. In a clean, dry container, measure out 1 ml of Ponaris.
  1. Combine the measured Ponaris with Nasacort nasal spray, ensuring thorough mixing to create a well-blended solution.


Administer 2 sprays of the remedy into each nostril, repeating this process three times a day. 

Be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day and give your body the rest that it needs! 

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